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  • Sony Chair Amy Pascal Resigns After Sony Hack


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    When Sony was hacked late last year, thousands of emails between studio execs and movie stars were leaked, among other confidential files. One name that started to get a lot of press, despite being virtually unknown to people outside of the entertainment industry up to that point, was Amy Pascal. The co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment had worked relatively quietly in Hollywood for years, developing and overseeing the production of movies like Groundhog Day, Little Women, A League of Their Own, the Spider-Man films, the Daniel Craig Bond films, The Smurfs, The Da Vinci Code and its sequel, American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Zero Dark Thirty, Moneyball and The Social Network.

    Pascal’s emails became a prominent fixture in the Sony hack scandal. Some included disparaging remarks about Angelina Jolie, and a conversation about Barack Obama that has been called racist. Presumably to distance itself from the scandal and the surrounding bad press, it’s assumed by many that Sony forced Pascal to resign from her performance. However, she will remain with Sony in a different capacity, heading up a new “major production venture” for the company. Angelina Jolie will probably not be involved.


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  • Obama Strikes Back After Sony Hack

    President Obama announces cyberterrorism legislation

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    Early Tuesday, President Obama and the White House announced a proposal for legislation to help combat cyberterrorism in the wake of hack attacks on Sony late last year. The administration stated that it was their duty to step in, as a seemingly Hollywood problem was actually indicative of severe national security issues.

    One of the key components of the plan is to strengthen communication between private sectors and the Department of Homeland Security, specifically to facilitate cybersecurity information and appropriate knowledge of threats. By creating Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations and encouraging the private sector to participate, the government hopes to have more efficient responses to incoming threats or attacks. The laws would also offer liability protection to the private sector as well as protect the privacy of citizens who may be associated with such companies.

    The law would also strength the government’s ability to prosecute cyberterrorists by criminalizing more hacker-related techniques and technologies, including the sale of botnets and the overseas sale of credit card and bank account information. Significantly, the proposal also suggests updating the RICO Act, famously used to take down mob criminals, by including cyberterrorist groups under its umbrella.

    Finally, Obama announced a “Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection” for February 13 at Stanford University. The summit aims to bring together major government and private players in the world of cybersecurity to better understand and tackle issues from all perspectives, including consumers and consumer advocates, tech experts, law enforcement officials, and students.

    As the head of the Executive branch, the President doesn’t have the power to enable laws—he can only recommend legislation for Congress to debate, write, and pass. With a Congress that has been  vocally opposed to most of Obama’s policies, it remains to be seen how much of the White House’s proposal will eventually be enacted.

    While Sony’s attack at first seemed nothing more than a leak of gossipy emails and an internal Hollywood problem, it has since proved the impetus for a serious look at the world of financial protection, identity theft, and the looming futurescape of cyberterrorism.


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  • Charlize Theron Bridges Hollywood Pay Gap Following Sony Hack

    Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth at the Golden Globes

    Photo: John Shearer, AP

    It’s been over a month since last year’s Sony hacks resulted in The Interview being pulled from major theaters and a massive amount of information that the studio would have rather kept quiet becoming public knowledge. However, one positive that has slowly emerged from the hacks has been a wider recognition of the vast inequality in pay between male and female actors.

    After the news broke that American Hustle stars Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams received seven percent of the film’s back-end profits while their male counterparts all earned nine percent, Page Six recently reported that Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron negotiated that be paid the same amount as her male co-star Chris Hemsworth, who shares the screen in their upcoming film The Huntsmen. Theron was in fact able to raise her salary to a deal worth over $10 million, which is the same amount that Hemsworth is receiving.

    While it is unclear what Theron was earning before the hack revealed Hemsworth’s salary, after the news broke Theron and her agents insisted that she receive the same due to her fantastic track record at the box office. The Huntsmen, which is being released by Universal Pictures, is a prequel to 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman and is slated for an April 2016 release.


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