• MFA Filmmaking Grad Yolanda Centeno Directs Commercials with Grey Advertising

    Yolanda CentenoNew York Film Academy MFA Filmmaking alumna, Yolanda Centeno, has recently directed a viral campaign for one of the world’s top advertising and marketing organizations: GREY ADVERTISING GLOBAL.
    Centeno started enjoying a great deal of success in 2014 with her multi-awarded NYFA thesis film called Zugzwang, which was accepted into more than 400 film festivals around the world.

    All throughout 2015, Yolanda produced, directed and edited branded content video for international clients. She had several projects screen at a number of film festivals, but the biggest milestone has come while working for GREY.

    The clients, Real Academia Española (the official organization in Spain in charge of maintaining the purity and good use of the Spanish language), along with the Spanish Advertising Academy, were looking for a campaign that would discourage the use of Anglicisms in Spanish advertising. The majority of Spaniards don’t understand the real meaning of those words, which are simply used in advertising to embellish the delivery of the campaign.

    Based on that assignment, Grey’s creative directors discussed with director Yolanda Centeno what they could do to illustrate the misuse of anglicisms in Spain, in a way that was both effective and resonating.

    They came up with four commercials that were launched on TV and internet. After a few days, the campaign went officially viral, and the concept has been analyzed and spread in many news and shows around the country, as well as in other Spanish-speaking countries.

    The campaign has also been awarded two awards in the prestigious Ibero-American Advertising Film Festival, commonly known as “El Festival del Sol.”

    As a result of this project, Yolanda Centeno, is now represented commercially by Central Films production company located in California, México and Spain.

  • Vulnerables Airs on Viendo Movies


    Miguel Cruz, Associate Chair of Acting at New York Film Academy in LA, had his first feature film broadcast on “Viendo Movies” Channel, which specializes in Spanish Language Films. Vulnerables, starring A-list actress Paula Echevarría, has opened theatrically in Spain, Colombia and, starting next month, in Peru. Sundance Channel will air the film for all of Latin America in 2014. The 2006 NYFA Filmmaking grad shot the independent film on privately financed budget of under $200,000.



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  • Spanish Goya Nomination for Jorge Laplace



    New York Film Academy screenwriting graduate, Jorge Laplace is the screenwriter behind the Goya Nominated Animated Short, Alfred & Anna. The Goya Awards, known in Spanish as los Premios Goya, are Spain’s main national film awards, considered by many in Spain, and internationally, to be the Spanish equivalent of the American Academy Awards. This is Jorge’s second Goya nominated script, the former being the documentary, 30 Years of Darkness.

    photo (11)

    Jorge Laplace

    Alfred & Anna was directed by Juanma Suarez with music by Roque Baños, whose known for his work in Sexy Beast and The Machinist.

    We’re very proud of Jorge on another wonderful accomplishment and wish him the best at the Goya Awards on February 17!

  • Just To Let You Know I’m Alive


    Italian journalist and former New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism student Emanuela Zuccalà is working on a new documentary, Just To Let You Know I’m Alive, with Italian photographer Simona Ghizzoni (recently awarded at World Press Photo.) The 25 minute documentary covers Saharawi women, both in occupied Western Sahara and refugee camps in Algeria, who have been victims of torture, illegal imprisonment, and enforced disappearances. The project has also been shortlisted at Lisbon Docs.

    We decided to focus on Saharawi women because their issue is severely under reported. Spending time with them in their houses and tents in the desert, we were astonished by a rare peculiarity of these women: being able to speak about the terrible nightmares they have lived always preserving serenity in their eyes and a sincere hope in a better future. Tearing apart any temptation of hatred or revenge.”

    In order to complete the production, Emanuela launched a crowd funding campaign on Emphasis. So far, the documentary has been covered on Italian newspapers and a Spanish magazine. The Saharawi ambassadors in Italy have publicly thanked the team for succeeding in recreating interest for their people.

    Here are links to some of these articles:


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