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  • Entertainment News Round-up: Emmy Changes, James Corden Makes Debut, and The Matrix Goes Lego


    James CordenIt’s been a busy weekend in Hollywood and beyond. First up, after several months of a rotating cast of guest hosts, The Late Late Show will finally premiere its new incarnation with British star of stage and screen James Corden. While Corden is largely unknown to American audiences, he is a well-regarded celebrity in his home country of England, having cut his teeth on a number of sit-coms such as Gavin & Stacey and The Wrong Mans.

    Joining Corden will be American musical comedian Reggie Watts, who will be serving as his bandleader, a position he formerly filled on Comedy Bang! Bang! with Scott Aukerman. Critics and analysts alike are eagerly awaiting to see how Corden will fit in the existing late night landscape and whether Americans will take to a relatively unknown Brit.

    In other television news, following significant changes in its classifications of Drama and Comedies, Netflix wunderkind Orange is the New Black, which has competed at the last two Emmy awards in the Comedy category, will no longer be eligible for the Outstanding Comedy Series due to the cap the Academy instituted last month restricting “comedies” to being thirty minutes in length. However, the news becomes far more vexing when one considers the fact that hour-long comedies Jane The Virgin, Shameless, and Glee have all been classified as comedies, despite their running times. In light of the head-scratching this ruling has caused, one thing is sure: as more comedy-dramas straddle the traditional run-time of sitcoms, there will certainly be continued confusion as to which shows qualify as dramas or comedies

    Here is some exciting news for our 2-Year Musical Theatre students: Beautiful: The Carole King Musical will be turned into a feature-length film, produced by Tom Hanks’ Playtone production company and released through Sony Pictures, which has also secured the rights to King’s songs and life rights. The Broadway musical has been running since January 2014 and was nominated for seven Tony Awards, winning two, including one for Jessie Mueller’s turn as King.

    Finally, ending things on a fun note, here is something that our animation students will particularly enjoy. While The Matrix is chockfull of iconic scenes, none might be more memorable than the famous lobby scene in which Neo and Trinity lay virtual waste to a building lobby. To commemorate the scene and to test his own stop-motion animation abilities, YouTube user Snooperking re-made the entire scene shot-for-shot using nothing but LEGOs in the process. In total, the project took an estimated 160 hours to complete and even finishes with its own twist ending. Check out this feat of LEGO animation below.




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  • Netflix Announces Premiere Dates for Orange is the New Black and Wet Hot American Summer


    wet hot american summer

    Already binge-watched all of House of Cards’ season three and find yourself scrambling for more streaming content to devour? Don’t worry—Netflix has you covered. The media giant announced this week the announce dates for three of their original series, as well as several other projects.

    The first premiere announced is June 5 for Sense8, the anticipated series by The Matrix creators Andy and Lana Wachowski, which recently made headlines with news that it would be incorporating footage of live births. It will be followed by Orange is the New Black—Netflix’s critically and audience-adored original series that isn’t House of Cards—which will overload FCC-protected bandwidths on June 12. Shortly after that, appropriately amidst a hot summer, a star-studded series sequel to Wet Hot American Summer will debut on July 17.

    Netflix has been making waves for some time now in its push to become a major league original content creator on the same level as television networks and even movie studios. It looks to be living up to that potential already this year with these original series as well as the Canadian thriller Between, the comedy specials Chris D’Elia: Incorrigible and Jen Kirkman: I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine), and the documentary What Happened, Miss Simone. With a ton more content currently being produced by Netflix, it’s only a matter of time before every week brings about a new premiere, so clear your schedules while you can.


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  • Joel Silver on the State of Hollywood


    “Joel has never been afraid of color,” said producer/moderator Tova Laiter.

    Mega-producer Joel Silver recently visited New York Film Academy for a Q&A and special screening of his 1988 classic, Die Hard. “We were kind of crafting a new genre,” said Silver. “Summers weren’t full of action films then.” He said he had originally wanted Richard Gere to play the lead, who turned down the role. They took a risk with Bruce Willis, an actor best known at the time for his starring role on TV’s Moonlighting. It paid off, becoming an international hit that would go on to spawn 3 hit sequels. The fourth sequel, A Good Day to Die Hard, is slated for release in February 2013.

    Silver has produced more than 60 films, earning more than $13 billion worldwide. His credits include the Academy Award-winning The Matrix trilogy, the blockbuster Lethal Weapon franchise, and the sci-fi thriller, Predator. More recently, he launched the Sherlock Holmes franchise for Warner Bros. He is co-founder of Dark Castle Entertainment and owner of Silver Pictures. His newly-launched division, Silver Pictures Entertainment, announced a five-year distribution deal with Universal Pictures. Silver said the new division plans to make movies in various genres with mid-sized budgets of $40-60 million. He joked, “There’s always going to be artistic films out there, but I want to make the movies people actually see.”

    Answering questions from New York Film Academy students, Silver commented on the state of the industry, saying, “The Hollywood system is better than it has ever been. People are going to the movies more than ever, and all over the world. It’s a great time.” He continued, “People are making movies for 20 bucks … We’re living in a golden age of Hollywood.”

    Speaking to the young filmmakers and actors, he said, “You have to be passionate about movies. I’m excited every day. I love the process. I know the process. I live crisis. Crisis is a part of my life … If you bang your head against enough walls, eventually you’re going to break through.”

    He also put to rest rumors about revisiting the Lethal Weapon franchise, saying, “I’d rather be dead,” eliciting a roar of laughter from the crowd.


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