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Overview of our Visual Arts School in LA

As the visual arts continue to expand and evolve both through technological and artistic innovation, the Academy’s visual arts school in Los Angeles offers a cutting-edge and distinctly hands-on selection of visual arts programs. While other visual arts schools often emphasize theory over practice, at the heart of the Academy’s visual arts philosophy is the belief that to learn how to make amazing movies, take fantastic photographs, or design video games, one must actually create original films, photographs, and video games and that is exactly what our visual arts school students do.

The visual arts school at the Academy’s Los Angeles campus is comprised of seven challenging and rewarding programs: filmmaking, documentary filmmaking, cinematography, photography, animation, game design, and graphic design. Each program consists of short-term workshops, conservatory programs, and degree programs, allowing students to decide what is the ideal time frame for them to achieve their particular educational goals.

Across all of the programs in our Los Angeles visual arts school, students learn the fundamentals and theories of their chosen craft by actively applying them to original projects that are assigned in their classes. In addition to in-class lectures and instruction, students participate in faculty-supervised workshops in which they apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to practice on location.

The Academy’s visual arts school in Los Angeles boasts state-of-the-art facilities that allow students to learn using industry-standard equipment and software. Furthermore, our faculty is comprised of experienced professionals who remain active in their field, providing students with an insight into their own journeys as they pursued their craft. Finally, the city of Los Angeles is a cultural and entertainment hub that serves as a supplement to a student’s education as the city is a mecca for all of the disciplines offered in our visual arts school. In short, the Academy offers a variety of programs and quality of education unlike the majority of visual arts schools.

Visual Arts School Faculty

On top of the unique hands-on curriculum and world-class equipment and facilities provided by the Academy in Los Angeles’ visual arts school, each program is led by our estimable faculty of creative professionals. Unlike many other visual arts schools, each class is taught by an experienced and accomplished professional who comes from a unique background—be it in game design, filmmaking, cinematography, photography, documentary filmmaking, graphic design, or 3D animation—to help students explore the many facets of their discipline. In addition, faculty members help prepare students for the realities they will face and equip them with knowledge and skills to pursue their passion.

Photography Overview

The Academy’s Los Angeles visual arts school offers a wide variety of degree programs, One- and Two-Year Photography Conservatory Programs, and short-term workshops for aspiring photographers. Whether a student is interested in learning the fundamentals of the craft or wishes to receive the type of training that will prepare him or her to pursue their passion in photography, our photography school offers a hands-on curriculum that is focused on making students as confident and capable with cameras and photographic software as possible.

Students begin working with cameras to become comfortable and familiar with their equipment starting from their first day of visual arts school. The program at our photography school places a strong emphasis on completing numerous assignments that expose students to the many different photographic genres so that students graduate with a strong foundation in everything from fashion photography to photojournalism to fine art photography. Furthermore, students are held to the standards of a professional photographer in the sense that they must turn assignments around quickly while still producing images of the highest quality.

Students also practice and complete assignments on shooting video with their cameras, as shooting with moving images can help develop their unique vision. Ultimately, visual arts students are encouraged and pushed to develop their own original photographic voice and style so that they create images that are instantly recognizable as their own. To learn more about photography programs and workshops at the visual arts school, click here.

3D Animation Overview

The animation programs at the Academy’s visual arts school in LA are designed to train students in the artistic and technical demands of animation to help them pursue their passion. The animation school offers a BFA degree program, a one-year conservatory program, and a four-week workshop in 3D animation. Students also learn how to create digital visual effects, a skill that can help students pursue their artistic goals.

Upon enrolling in an animation program at the Academy’s visual arts school, students follow a curriculum that mirrors the structure of a professional animation production pipeline. 3D animation students learn how to use a wide variety of programs, equipment, and programming languages that are standard in the industry, including Autodesk’s Maya. Whether students choose to study 2D or 3D animation, they will get extensive experience in creating characters and learn the fundamentals of storytelling in order to create their own original animated films. To learn more about the animation programs at the Academy’s visual arts school in Los Angeles, please click here.

Game Design Overview

Video games have revolutionized the art of entertainment as they have become a large part of popular culture. In keeping with NYFA's tradition to have students learn by doing, students have a chance to experience working in a game design studio as a class. The game design school at the Academy’s visual arts school in Los Angeles offers both degree programs-MFA, BFA, and AFA and a one-year conservatory program also available at our NYC campus—that immerse students in the fundamentals and realities of game design.

Students study with our esteemed faculty of professional game designers who remain active leaders in the industry. As there are a myriad of different roles and responsibilities involved in the development of a video game, the curriculum at our game design school is structured to expose students to the many different skills and practices that designers can use to pursue their artistic goals.

Our game design school also places heavy emphasis on the Game Studio course, which is repeated throughout the chosen program. The course gives students the chance to work in a game design studio class alongside two to three of their classmates to create an original digital game. Furthermore, students are paired with professional game programmers who help them to realize their ideas by assisting in the coding of students’ video games while also teaching students how to code themselves.

To learn more about the game design programs at the Academy’s visual arts school in Los Angeles, please click here.

Graphic Design Overview

Whether it takes the form of advertising, movie posters, or package design, examples of graphic design can be seen everywhere. As a discipline, graphic design marries both traditional artistic skills such as drawing and painting with digital software that allows graphic designers to construct images with remarkable speed and detail. Offered at the Academy’s visual arts school in LA, our graphic design programs are structured to provide students with hands-on education to enhance their skills they use in pursuit of their art.

The visual arts school offers both a BFA degree program and a one-year conservatory program in graphic design that challenge students to develop as artists who are able to quickly and effectively produce the content they are assigned. Students learn the best practices helpful to pursue their art, ranging from advertising to print and much more. Click here to learn more.

Filmmaking Overview

Learn the craft of filmmaking in the film hub of Hollywood in our filmmaking school degree programs, conservatory programs, and workshops. The Academy provides students with state-of the art facilities and equipment, working with such cameras and film stock as 16mm film, 35mm film, HD, Super 16mm, and the RED ONE camera system at our visual arts school. In addition, students edit their projects using an industry standard software, Avid Media Composer.

The Academy offers five degree programs in filmmaking, including our MFA degree program, MA degree in Film and Media Production, BFA degree program, BA in Media Studies degree, and our AFA degree program, in addition to our conservatory programs and short-term workshops. Students study under our faculty of award-winning filmmakers with industry standard equipment in our state-of the-art facilities in Los Angeles. To learn more about the filmmaking programs, please click here.

Cinematography Overview

Cinematographers have the unique role in a film crew of creating the visual tone and feeling of a movie. After all, the cinematographer works directly with the director to design a visual approach that best translates the words written on the page into a series of compelling shots and sequences.

At NYFA’s visual arts school in Los Angeles, our curriculum is designed to immerse students in both technical and artistic demands through their student productions of films. tudents have the option to enroll in our MFA degree program or our One-Year Cinematography Conservatory Program. To learn more about the cinematography programs at our Los Angeles visual arts school, please click here.

Documentary Overview

The visual arts school at NYFA Los Angeles provides students with an immersive and hands-on education in documentary filmmaking. Our hands-on and challenging curriculum aims to foster the next generation of artists through intensive, hands-on education where students learn to make documentary films by actually making films.

From the first day, students are behind the camera, learning the aesthetic and technical demands of documentary filmmaking. In addition to creating their own original documentary films, students also study the theory and history of documentary film to better prepare them to succeed in pursuit in their passion. The curriculum is focused on combining in-class lectures and seminars with hands-on workshops and independent projects. Our visual arts school in Los Angles offers an MFA degree program in documentary filmmaking, a One-Year Documentary Conservatory Program, and a Six-Week Documentary Workshop. To learn more about the documentary programs at our Los Angeles visual arts school, please click here.

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