1-Week Musical Theatre Workshop

Build Performance and Voice Skills at NYFA

NYFA’s Musical Theatre School offers a 1-Week Musical Theatre Workshop where students can learn new skills in voice, movement, and performance.


Located at our NYFA New York campus, students will follow our signature learn-by-doing approach and are taught by industry experts. The program is designed for individuals with singing, acting, and movement abilities who may or may not have prior experience on a musical theatre stage.

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Workshop DescriptionWorkshop Name: 1-Week Musical Theatre Workshop

The intensive 1-Week Musical Theatre Workshop provides aspiring performers with opportunities to expand their current skill sets, prep for an audition, or experiment with theatre. As the workshop is designed to introduce students to musical theatre, many students take the program to learn all they can about the craft and return to complete a longer program with NYFA.

NYFA also offers the possibility to learn musical theatre from anywhere through a variety of online musical theatre workshops.

To learn more about NYFA workshops, see the NYFA’s Course Catalog or request more information.


Performance Lab

This is a performance-based course that approaches musical theatre the same way an actor explores text in a play. During the course, students develop the necessary skills to thoughtfully investigate material in order to combine organic choices in movement, acting and singing. Students explore the fundamentals of text analysis and research in order to provide intentions, stakes, and conflict for each character in a variety of contrasting musical theater genres. 

Voice Studio Lab

This course provides an introduction to the basic functional skills of vocal production and singing. Topics include breathing, muscular and air support, diction, vocal anatomy, tone production, vowel and consonant modification, resonance, and vocal health. 

Jazz/Theatre Dance

This course is designed to teach each student the correct alignment and specific techniques necessary for advancement within this and all dance genres. In-class training aims to increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and student’s ability to learn and retain choreography.

Audition Technique

The study of musical theatre-based audition techniques. Included in the class will be a unit of work focused on professional preparation and the business of acting covering topics related to casting, audition prep, headshots and resumes, personal style, awareness of type, and current trends in the profession. 

Private Voice Diagnostic

This course offers each student two one-on-one sessions with a private voice teacher. The work is designed to help students to know the range, capacity, and general health of their vocal instrument. In addition, these private voice sessions can be used as a guide to discovering the best, most effective song selections.

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This is an intensive, full-time Monday through Saturday workshop that typically runs anytime between 9 AM-10 PM. There are breaks in between sessions. Students will need to anticipate extra time outside of class to complete assignments, projects, and exercises. Daily class times may vary. Due to instructor availability, space availability, and need, we may have to run classes in the evening. We try not to schedule students for more than 6 hours of class daily. Request information to learn more.


This course requires a three ring binder, proper dance shoes, proper dance attire, and a phone or other suitable recording device. 

Musical Theatre
School Alumni

Mey Novak  

Mey Novak


Stephanie Cayo  

Stephanie Cayo

Actor | Singer

Pati Amoroso  

Pati Amoroso

Producer | Actor


Audition Requirements

To audition for a workshop, prospective students must submit an application online, as well as a virtual audition that consists of performing one musical theatre song. There is a required $50 application fee. For the audition video submission, please submit this form or visit our Audition Requirements page for more information.


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Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum.