Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in Cinematography

Learn How to Become a Cinematographer at NYFA

In NYFA’s Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree in Cinematography program, students develop a range of skills that can help them to pursue creative goals in cinematography. This accelerated graduate program immerses students in a unique, collaborative environment that emphasizes practical, hands-on instruction in cinematography and the related aspects of filmmaking. Through intensive workshop courses, individual projects, and rigorous critiques, students learn the fundamentals of visual storytelling and cinematographic technique.

Students develop their proficiency with different state-of-the-art camera systems, both film and digital, and learn to supervise the creation of sophisticated lighting schemes. As they shoot a series of challenging projects, culminating in a final Thesis Film, students create material for a compelling cinematography reel that showcases their skill and versatility as a cinematographer. Most importantly, the student cinematographers will be able to effectively harness the visual tools of cinema to tell meaningful stories.

MFA Cinematography students may participate in a series of advanced workshop courses, including Master’s Lighting, Advanced Grip Workshop, Underwater Cinematography, and Advanced Camera Movement, where students have the opportunity to work with a large, telescoping crane. With an intense schedule and challenging curriculum, this program is designed for students focused on ambitious goals in cinematography.

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Faculty Highlights

NYFA Cinematography Faculty: Interview with Anthony Richmond, ASC, BSC


The MFA degree in Cinematography is currently available at our NYFA Los Angeles campus. The course curriculum and program includes:

  • Advanced courses and practical workshops that teach essential film and digital cinema cameras, lighting, camera movement, and storytelling techniques
  • Production time to develop technical expertise in lighting, grip work, camera operating, camera assisting, and other key areas of film production
  • Personal instruction and ongoing critique from award-winning faculty, with many that belong to prestigious cinematic societies all over the world
  • The opportunity to shoot a range of projects on the latest film and digital cameras, providing material to build each student’s cinematography reel
  • Access to industry-standard equipment such as cameras, dollies, lighting and grip, as well as production workshops with advanced equipment, such as a crane
  • The ability to attend exclusive guest speaker events with industry experts such as cinematographers, directors, producers, and more

To learn more about NYFA’s MFA program and courses, see NYFA’s Los Angeles Course Catalog or request more information.


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School Alumni

Bob Nguyen  

Bob Nguyen



Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum.