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Alejandro Ibarra


Alejandro began taking photographs at age 17. His work has been featured in PDN, Cannes Film Festival, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Yahoo. Much of his work focuses on LGBTQI+ identity. He earned his MFA in Photography from the New York Film Academy.

With over seven years of editorial and commercial work under his belt, Alejandro works mainly with actors and people in the entertainment industry, musicians, politicians, among others. His work has taken him to three continents; shown around the world including Australia, Turkey, Holland, Mexico, New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Spain among many other places, and has been featured in The Advocate, PDN, Cannes Film Festival, HOLA!, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Yahoo, and various other publications. His project Piece by Piece was recently exhibited at the Schomburg Gallery in Santa Monica.

Program Studied at NYFA: Photography
Program Type: MFA in Photography
Year Attended/Graduated: 2016
Location: Los Angeles
Highlights: Coming Out Stories, Piece by Piece, #ThePrideSeries

Alejandro Ibarra NYFA

How to Brand Yourself on Social Media with Photographers Alejandro Ibarra & Bonnie Rodriguez

Alejandro Ibarra Thesis


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