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New York Film Academy Guest Speakers

New York Film Academy Guest Speakers

Adrienne Barbeau


Screen and television actress Adrienne Barbeau joined students at New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus in September 2011 for a screening of Escape From New York. She showed up early to watch the film with students, as she hadn’t seen it since its original release! During the interview, Barbeau talked at length about her background in theatre, beginning with Grease and Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway. She also spoke in detail about working with her then-husband, director John Carpenter, on Escape From New York, and shared many secrets from the set. Students were surprised to learn that Charles Bronson and Tommy Lee Jones were considered for Kurt Russell’s role of Snake, and that the last shot of Barbeau in the film was shot in their garage. She also told stories about making their own props and wardrobe for the film, including cooking a turkey so she could use the breastbone as a clip in her hair. Adrienne answered questions from students about her previous television work, the differences between acting for film and television, and the pressures to stay fit and youthful in Hollywood.

Escape From New York, Grease, Fiddler on the Roof

Adrienne Barbeau NYFA

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