In NYFA’s 15-Week Online Part-Time Digital Editing workshop, students learn cutting-edge digital editing techniques, editing theory, and industry-standard software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop. Students acquire editing skills through hands-on immersion projects and are guided by our seasoned faculty. This 15-week online digital editing workshop is held in the evening and allows students to balance the course with daily obligations throughout the workweek. 

Workshop DescriptionWorkshop Name: 15-Week Online Digital Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro

Over the course of fifteen weeks, students will gain the necessary technical editing skills and learn foundational editing theory needed to professionally edit footage with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn through immersion and will be assigned 4 projects to edit including a Montage, a short Documentary, and a Dialogue project. The final week of the workshop is dedicated to cutting a Reel.

All classes are geared toward acquiring foundational industry-standard Adobe Premiere Pro editing skills.

Prerequisites – This is an introductory workshop, no prerequisites are required, nor is any prior experience expected. 

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Class Details

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is used for editing videos, commercials, and other film, television, and online video. It is a professional and comprehensive video editing software application. Students will become comfortable or fluent in the software, and learn Shortcuts, Audio Mixing, Color Correction, Graphics and Effects, and Export Settings for various platforms.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an advanced digital imaging software, used by photographers, designers, web professionals, and video professionals. The app gives you the utmost power and creative control for 2D and 3D image manipulation and compositing, video editing, and image analysis. Students learn the major functions of Adobe Photoshop and will create usable assets to be imported into Premiere Pro.

**Please note: Students who submit applications later than Thursday at 5 pm (ET) on the week preceding the start date of this workshop may not receive the Adobe Premiere software in time for the first day of class, as the issuance of your NYFA ID and account set-up requires, approximately, 12 business hours.

Creative storytelling, Be a better storyteller

The key to any great piece of content is a story. Storytelling in your video will help you to engage your audience and achieve the results you want. Stories tug at our hearts. They engage our emotions. They make us feel something for the characters and allow us to empathize or imagine ourselves in their place. Creativity is how you grab your audience’s attention. Throughout the program, students will learn how to create engaging content using editing software as a tool to tell their stories.

Screening and Critique

Students screen their work for instructor and classmate feedback upon completion of each film assignment. Constructive feedback is based on the student’s application of technical and aesthetic principles learned during workshop/lecture hours, and on how well those techniques were used to achieve the student’s goals. All instructors are film, TV, and other media professionals and are active in their fields. Their feedback helps students understand what they are doing well and what they could make improvements on. This practice allows students to continually improve and make even more engaging content.

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Times and Breakdown by Week

The online 15-week, part-time, Adobe Premiere Pro workshop meets Tuesday and Thursdays 7-9:30pm Eastern. There are classes also on Wednesday during week 14 and 15. Classes that land on Federal Holidays will be made up on another day.

Throughout the fifteen-week commitment, in addition to the class hours, students will have scheduled edit sessions to complete their projects.

*Exact weekdays are subject to change due to holidays.  

Total Course Hours = 80

Program and Software Requirements

This course requires the following software and equipment:

  • Camera (cell phone will suffice)
  • Premiere Pro and Photoshop – NYFA will provide the software during the workshop
  • Laptop

Hard drive. Recommended specs are as follows:

  • Recommended brands: Lacie or G-Drive
  • 7,200 rpm. This is how fast your drive spins, rpm stands for rotations per minute
  • 1tb of space
  • Another option: SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable external Solid-State Drive (SSD). SSD storage is much faster than its HDD equivalent


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Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum.