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1-Semester Hands-on Acting for Film Program

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1-Semester Acting for Film Program


The 1-Semester program in Acting for Film concentrates on building a foundation in the craft of acting, using training techniques rooted in the theater but applicable to screen acting. In the 12-weeks of the semester-long program, students participate in a broad array of core acting classes that introduce them to finding the actor within, while simultaneously training their instrument to do the kind of technical, emotional, and physical work necessary for film acting. Since we believe that film actors also benefit immeasurably from working in front of a live audience, in addition to work in front of the camera, training in the first semester builds towards a live performance.

Learning Goals:

  • Understanding the fundamental principles of acting for film.
  • Grounding in classical scene study and acting techniques.
  • Learning the fundamentals of script and text analysis.
  • Surveying and examining film studies from a film actor’s perspective.
  • Gaining exposure to and practice in a variety of vocal techniques.

Production Goals:

(Florence Campus)
  • Shoot two monologues.
  • Shooting in-class, on-camera scenes for critique.
  • Participating in a Film Craft shoot.
  • Participate in shoot with filmmaking students.

Production Goals:

(Gold Coast Campus)
  • Rehearse and tape film scenes to be analyzed and critiqued in class.
  • Break down, analyze, and rehearse a selected monologue and/or scenes to perform in front of a live audience.

Course Description

Acting for Film
Technique & Scene Study
Voice & Movement (Florence Campus Only)
Filmcraft (Florence Campus Only)
Safety on Set (Gold Coast Campus Only)
Intro to Film (Gold Coast Campus Only)

Acting for Film

This course introduces the beginning Acting for Film student the skills necessary for creating a fully realized performance. The primary emphasis of the class is the practice of the subtlety and nuance of film acting including learning to adjust the performance for specific shot size, finding the arc of the character and learning to maintain the integrity of the script while shooting out of sequence. Film set terminology and etiquette is also addressed. Students collaborate in a supervised Production Workshop with film students, which is a full immersion production approach to Acting for Film instruction.
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Technique & Scene Study

Technique & Scene Study provides students with the preparatory building blocks, which lay a solid foundation from which to go deeper into the craft. They will learn of the rich Acting Technique traditions that have shaped the craft today. Students will learn about their responsibility to the writer, script and fellow students as they analyze their emotional and physical instrument and begin to practice technique exercises which will give them insight into the primary function of the Actor; that of making clear, readable choices for a character in a given imaginary circumstance. Students will practice relaxation, concentration and specificity exercises as well as learn how to prepare emotionally for a performance. Students learn to analyze scripts and break them down into units or ‘beats’. They develop a solid grounding in establishing a character based on their own experiences and imagination. In the course, they will begin to understand the differences between techniques and personal process. The focus of Technique & Scene Study is process not product. Students will work on exercises, monologues and short scenes from plays applying the techniques they have studied.

This is broken down into two classes (Scene Study and Acting Techniques) at the NYFA Gold Coast Campus
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Voice and Movement

(Florence Campus Only)
In this course students will begin to develop a free and healthy voice and an awareness of vocal tendencies and adverse conditioning. Various techniques will be taught, including and not limited to, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Knight-Thompson Speechwork, Linklater, Lessac, and Skinner. Through exploration of phonetic sounds and optimal vowel formation a deeper, more precise and nuanced experience of sounds will be felt. Students will experience a more visceral and more direct connection to their voice unimpeded by habitual tension. An ability to connect images while letting the image resonate through the voice with supported breath will be emphasized through working with text.

Students will also explore their ability to engage the body in a full and courageously unedited manner as a tool for performance. A focus of this course is to cultivate tools with which the students can externalize their internal life in an authentic manner on impulse and through movement. Various training methods will be taught, including but not limited to Viewpoints, the Suzuki Method, Dance, Yoga, Laban Analysis, Contact Improvisation, Grotowski, and Chekhov Technique. Through immersion in these various techniques this course will provide the foundation of movement analysis and the application of movement exercises to develop the physical life of a character.

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(Florence Campus Only)
Filmcraft provides the Acting for Film student a full-immersion experience into the world of film production. Students gain basic working knowledge of directing, cinematography, writing, producing and editing, inhabiting crew positions, allowing for real-time experience on a short in-class shoot, supervised by the instructor.
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Safety on Set

(Gold Coast Campus Only)
The diversity of roles that exist within the film industry requires an awareness of the work health and safety requirements to establish and maintain a safe working environment and practice. This can apply to a range of internal and external work environments, including workshops, studios, offices, field locations and performance venues and to an equally broad range of employment tasks. These tasks can include: construction, electrical and lighting work, stunt and fight choreography, the use of explosives, the creation of costumes, the application of makeup and prosthetics, working with sound and music, and computer based creative and clerical tasks. The purpose of this subject is to teach the film and performance practitioner to; determine work health and safety requirements in a given environment and occupation, to help them identify hazards and assess and manage risks, and to monitor and enhance safety of their practice.
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Intro to Film

(Gold Coast Campus Only)
To be a competent writer for film or television you must have a full understanding of storytelling narration in the craft of screenwriting. This not only involves learning the fundamentals of story structure, theme, character and plotting but also requires an understanding of the filmmaking process, film history, genre and the business of project financing.

Intro to Film introduces the screenwriting student to creative techniques used by cinematic innovators throughout the history of filmmaking. This subject explores ways in which the crafts of directing, cinematography, acting, and editing have developed over time and how these elements reflect the different approaches and innovations to text, theme, and genre.

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Dates & Tuition

Fees Per Year

Tuition: $ 12,982 (USD) )
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Equipment Fee: $ipment & Technology Fee: (USD)

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Location & Available Dates

For Florence Italy:
Feb 19, 2023 - May 13, 2023
Sep 24, 2023 - Dec 16, 2023
Feb 18, 2024 - May 12, 2024

Please note: Dates and Tuition are subject to change
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