15-Week Online Television Pilot Workshop

Learn How To Create a TV Series at NYFA

Creating a television series requires more than just a script; it requires creating a web of characters, a fully-realized world, a sustainable story engine and a specific voice for your series. In the 15-Week Online Television Pilot Workshop, students already familiar with television format and structure will learn how to write a television pilot.

To attend, students must have completed our 15-Week Online Television Spec Workshop or submit a formatted TV script with their application.

Workshop DescriptionWorkshop Name: 15-Week Online Television Pilot Workshop

Prerequisite: 15-Week Online Television Spec Workshop (or submission of a TV spec script they have written)

During our 15-Week Online Television Pilot Workshop, students come up with ideas for possible TV series. Working with their instructor and class, they will pick one to develop and create a series proposal that details the world, characters and themes of their series. They will then break down the story of the pilot before writing a TV script for that pilot.

After completing this workshop, many students apply for our 15-Week Online Screenplay Rewrite Workshop, where they learn how to revise and polish the first draft of their pilot script.

To learn more about NYFA’s screenwriting workshops, see NYFA’s Course Catalog or request more information.

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Malena Vain  

Malena Vain


Mickey Fonseca  

Mickey Fonseca

Writer | Director | Producer

New York Film Academy graduate Meshal Al Jaser  

Meshal Al Jaser

Writer | Actor | Director



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