4-Week Music Video Workshop

Learn How To Film A Music Video at NYFA

NYFA’s 4-Week Music Video Workshop teaches students how to direct, shoot, and edit a music video. As music videos are stylistic, expressive, and evocative, students undergo intensive creative and technical coursework and projects to create their own original music videos in an immersive, hands-on program.

Workshop DescriptionWorkshop Name: 4-Week Music Video Workshop

The 4-Week Music Video Workshop is designed to teach students to create their own music video. Throughout the program, students learn practical and creative skills in music video projects, receiving hundreds of hours of rigorous instruction. Each student completes two projects, starting with the Music and Image Project. Students are also introduced to subjects such as how to work with a record label and collaborating with a recording artist. They study treatment writing, and learn to design their own pitch deck. Similar to the professional arena, students also submit a pitch deck to the artist for the chance to direct a second project. On the second music video project, students work as one large crew, getting a sense of what it’s like to work on a professional set.

The curriculum also includes hands-on experience in cinematography, directing, producing, and editing. Students use more advanced cameras and a G&E package to shoot their video projects. Students also have courses in sound recording and playback.

NYFA also offers the possibility to learn filmmaking from anywhere through a variety of online filmmaking workshops.

To learn more, see NYFA’s Course Catalog or request more information.

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Music Video Craft
Music Video Craft covers all the essentials of producing a successful music video. From finding bands, working with musicians and labels, creating exciting concepts, and branding, to the logistics of hiring crew, working with locations, striking permits, and obtaining insurance, Music Video Craft will give you the tools necessary to oversee every aspect of your production. 

The core of the Music Video Program, this Area of Study introduces students to all major aspects of directing film with an emphasis on creating performance-based material. Students will study concepts to help achieve maximum psychological impact by studying the director’s decisions in camera placement, blocking, staging, and visual image design. Students will be challenged to think comprehensively about their music video projects in terms of the branding of the music and the marketing of the musician. Using their own and collaborative class projects as prototypes, students will learn to break down their ideas and videos in terms of story and emotional beats, shot selection and composition. This Area of Study will be the forum for preparing, screening and critiquing short exercises, as well as 2 music videos (1 performance and 1 non-performance).

In Cinematography, students undergo intensive training in the use of the HD digital video cameras and their accessories. Through hands-on workshops and camera tests, they will also learn fundamental lighting techniques. As they progress through the workshop, they learn how to support the mood of their music videos with lighting choices and they experiment with expressive lighting styles. 

A hands-on tutorial on music video, on-location playback, this session teaches students how to use a time code slate for the important task of syncing footage to sound during the post-production process. 

This Area of Study presents students with multiple aesthetic approaches to editing film and video, as specifically related to the “Music Video.” Students will learn how to apply concepts such as temporal continuity and spatial continuity (as well as less traditional discontinuous editing techniques) to their work. The Area of Study will also discuss the psychological and emotional effects of editing and music on the overall story. Additionally, students will learn to operate a digital editing software, which they will use to edit their own films. Classes are supplemented with individual consultations at the computer.

Business of Music Videos/Music Industry
Once your video is created, where will it play? Who will see it? What is its market? And, who has final say: the band, the label, or you? This Area of Study will explore the market for your projects and how to get maximum exposure in today’s ever-changing and dynamic world of multi-media.

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These are intensive, full-time Monday through Friday programs that typically run in three x 3hr sessions from 9 AM-6:30 PM. There are breaks in between sessions. Depending on the workshop, there may be shoots held on the weekend. Students will need to anticipate extra time outside of class to complete assignments, projects, and exercises. Daily class times may vary. Request information to learn more.


This course requires the following software and equipment:

  • External hard drive (costs $30-$200)
  • An SD Card


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Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum.