4-Week Music Video Workshop

Learn How To Film A Music Video at NYFA

NYFA’s 4-Week Music Video Workshop teaches students how to direct, shoot, and edit a music video. As music videos are stylistic, expressive, and evocative, students undergo intensive creative and technical coursework and projects to create their own original music videos in an immersive, hands-on program.

Program DescriptionProgram Name: 4-Week Music Video Workshop

The 4-Week Music Video Workshop is designed to teach students to create their own music video. Throughout the program, students learn practical and creative skills in music video projects, receiving hundreds of hours of rigorous instruction. Each student completes two projects, starting with the Music and Image Project. Students are also introduced to subjects such as how to work with a record label and collaborating with a recording artist. They study treatment writing, and learn to design their own pitch deck. Similar to the professional arena, students also submit a pitch deck to the artist for the chance to direct a second project. On the second music video project, students work as one large crew, getting a sense of what it’s like to work on a professional set.

The curriculum also includes hands-on experience in cinematography, directing, producing, and editing. Students use more advanced cameras and a G&E package to shoot their video projects. Students also have courses in sound recording and playback.

To learn more, see NYFA’s Course Catalog or request more information.

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Please note: Equipment, curriculum, and projects are subject to change and may vary depending on location. Students should consult the most recently published campus catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum.