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Digital Editing School at the New York Film Academy

Digital Editing school student films with Red digital camera Students film a scene with the Red Epic camera Digital Editing school students learn to use the Red Epic Students film with a digital camera on set
Students who study the amazing art of film editing at the New York Film Academy learn how to apply both technical skills and good storytelling to bring stories to life.

"In the actual editing of a scene, I will keep on working until I can no longer 'see myself' in the material... where I can look at the scene and say, 'I didn't have anything to do with that - it just created itself.'" - Walter Murch, Academy Award winning editor

What makes our Editing Workshops unique?

Digital editing software exploded onto the digital video editing scene only a few short years ago, and has strongly established a foothold for itself among the world's premiere editing houses and film schools. The easy-to-use features make digital editing software a wonderful tool for editing digital video and film, and can be used by individuals to build their own home professional video editing systems for picture and image editing or sound editing. The New York Film Academy Four-Week Digital Editing Workshop and Twelve-Week Evening Digital Editing Workshop are intensive courses designed to familiarize students with all the skills necessary to work with digital editing software. In keeping with the New York Film Academy philosophy, students enrolled in the Digital Editing Workshops will find themselves in front of a workstation from day one.

Side by side with highly experienced, Apple-certified editing instructors, students edit professionally shot scenes, gaining invaluable experience through in-depth exploration of story structure, style and content approaches. By the end of the course, the student will have completed three projects, which can be used for a movie editing show reel.

Equipment and Facilities

Students enrolled in the Four-Week Editing Workshop or the Twelve-Week Evening Digital Editing Workshop at any of our film school locations will have individual hands-on use of a digital editing system.

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