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Digital Editing School at the New York Film Academy

Digital Editing school student films with Red digital camera Students film a scene with the Red Epic camera Digital Editing school students learn to use the Red Epic Students film with a digital camera on set
Students who study the amazing art of film editing at the New York Film Academy learn how to apply both technical skills and good storytelling to bring stories to life.

"In the actual editing of a scene, I will keep on working until I can no longer 'see myself' in the material... where I can look at the scene and say, 'I didn't have anything to do with that - it just created itself.'" - Walter Murch, Academy Award winning editor

Digital Editing School

It is often said that there are three stages to creating a film: writing the script, filming, and editing the footage. While film editors do not often receive the lion’s share of attention when it comes to movies, they are the ones that truly bring all of the pieces together into a structured narrative. The digital editing school at the New York Film Academy provides students with hands-on instruction in the fundamentals of digital editing, working with industry-standard software and editing stations to learn the craft. In the process, students receive the invaluable experience of working on their fellow students’ films from beginning to end in order to understand how to bring a director’s vision to life while also developing their own original editing style.

Digital Editing Courses

Whether a student enrolls in the digital editing school’s four- or twelve-week digital editing course, they will take the following digital editing courses.

Editing with Digital Editing Software Movie Editing Theory
After Effects DVD Studio Pro

Digital Editing Classes

The digital editing school at the New York Film Academy offers digital editing classes year-round. To learn more about the start dates and tuition rates for each digital editing class, please click here.

Digital Editing Workshops

Students interested in taking a digital editing workshop at the New York Film Academy can choose between two different workshops, which include the following:

Digital Editing Faculty

The digital editing school at the New York Film Academy boasts a distinguished faculty of experienced, professional digital editors who are committed to providing students with the hands-on guidance to successfully complete the school’s demanding curriculum. Students enrolling in the digital editing school will study under a faculty that includes:
NYFA digital editing school faculty member Igor Torgeson Igor Torgeson: With over a decade of experience serving as an editor, Torgeson has edited commercials and shows for noteworthy clients such as the Gameshow Network, Brighthouse Networks, McGraw-Hill Publications, Citibank, California Gas Company, and Cessna Aircraft. In addition, he has also edited the short film On a Limb alongside the television movie Teenie Tones.

NYFA digital editing school faculty member Leander Sales Leander Sales: An accomplished and experienced editor, Sales has worked in Hollywood for over twenty-five years, editing a number of notable feature films. Having worked with Spike Lee on nine films, Sales was the associate editor for Malcolm X, Jungle Fever, and Crooklyn. In addition, he served as the editor on the films Get on the Bus, Hookers at the Point, and Stand Down Soldier in addition to directing the feature films Don’t Let Your Meat Loaf and The Life I Meant to Live.

Digital Editing Alumni

The New York Film Academy’s digital editing school is proud of its distinguished alumni whose hard work and excellent education has helped them to realize their career goals.

Career Opportunities

Upon completing the digital editing school at the New York Film Academy, students have numerous career paths available to them that include the following:

Film Editor Commercial Editor Associate Editor
First Assistant Editor Documentary Editor Television Editor

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If you would like to learn more about the New York Film Academy’s digital editing school, please call us at +1 (212) 674-4430 or click on the below links to get more information.

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