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Review Of The Game Design PRogram

The Game Design School at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles pairs the Academy’s history of training the next generation of visual storytellers with an ever-evolving medium that places equal emphasis on storytelling as it does on technical know-how. To succeed in the video game industry, game design schools have become increasingly necessary as game designers need to have a holistic understanding of the intricate process required by video game design. Not only must they familiarize themselves with the overall workflow of bringing a project to fruition, but they must also learn each phase of the process to best understand their own personal strengths and what part of the game design process they excel at.

Unlike other video game design schools, students at the Academy in LA receive a hands-on education that emphasizes learning by doing alongside in-class instruction that immerses students in the history, theory, and types of game design. Through this unique combination of continuous practice and guided learning, the Academy’s game design school in Los Angeles actively prepares students to achieve their career goals upon graduation.

Run Your Own Indie Game Studio

Part of what makes the Academy one of the best game design schools is at the core of the curriculum is the Game Studio course—repeated multiple times in each program. Students get the opportunity to lead their own game studio with two to three classmates, something that is not common at other video game design colleges. Student studios build a functioning digital game in one semester with mentorship and hands-on coding from a professional game programmer. The programmer both codes as part of the student team as well as educates the team members on how to code and how to manage using Agile software development.

This teaching approach—teaming students with professional programmers who code with students on their indie games—is unique to NYFA’s game design school in LA and one of its most popular features.

Game Design Courses LA

After enrolling at the Academy’s game design school in LA, students study a well-rounded and practical curriculum that pairs lectures with faculty supervised assignments. Students can expect to take on a similar game design course load as the following example.

Game Studio Narrative Design Workshop Game Design Workshop
Video Game Analysis Video Game Industry Introduction to 3-D Art
Improvisational Acting 2-D Game Design Introduction to Game Programming
Playcentric Design System Literacy Publishing Video Games
Mobile Game Design Level Design Usability Testing for Games
History of Video Games Games as Art Art Direction for Game Developers
3-D Game Design Narrative Design Workshop Multiplayer Game Design
Business of Video Game Free to Play Game Design The Art of Game Producing
Narrative Theory Marketing Video Games Object Oriented Programming
3-D Art & Animation

Game Design Classes LA

Students are able to enroll in a game design class at the Academy’s Los Angeles game design school at different points throughout the year. To view the start dates and tuition for each of the game design classes, click here.

Game Design Degrees LA

Offered exclusively at the Academy’s Los Angeles campus, students may obtain a game design degree through one of the following options.

Game Design Programs LA

If a student wishes to enroll in a non-degree game design program, it is advised he or she looks into the Academy’s one-year conservatory program.

Game Design Faculty LA

The faculty at the Academy’s game design school in Los Angeles is comprised of an award-winning team of experienced faculty members who are also professional game designers. With each instructor coming from a diverse background, students have the opportunity to hone in on a certain aspect of game design while learning the latest trends and developments in the always-evolving game design industry.
NYFA game design school Los Angeles chair Chris Swain Chris Swain: Having worked in the video game industry for over two decades, Swain began his illustrious career while still a student at USC, working at Electronic Arts and helping them to set up their Game Innovation Lab. He’s gone on to create over twenty games for companies that include Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Acclaim, Activision, BBS, and Discovery in addition to penning several text books on game design.

NYFA game design school LA faculty member Joe Shochet Joe Shochet: With over twenty years of experience designing award-winning video games, Shochet began his career in 1996 at Walt Disney Imagineering R&D where he constructed virtual reality experiences. He went on to become the Creative Director at Disney Internet Group and was also Vice President of Creative at Rebel Entertainment where he focused on social and mobile games.

NYFA game design school Los Angeles faculty member Richard Wyckoff Richard Wyckoff: Starting his career in the mid 1990s, Wyckoff has established himself as a video game designer and manager for such companies as Electronic Arts, Vivendi Universal, and Dreamworks. Some of the titles he helped guide through completion such titles as Full Spectrum Warrior and Flight Unlimited. He is the CEO and co-founder of Reverge Studios, LLC, which released the hit game 2D fighting game Skullgirls.

Game Design Alumni

Since its inception, the Academy’s game design school in LA has consistently graduated accomplished game design alumni who have achieved their career goals in many of the different areas of video game design.

Career Opportunities

One of the primary goals of the Academy’s game design school is to prepare students to enter the video game industry upon graduating and achieve their goals in their area of expertise. Students can choose to pursue one of the following positions after completing their program.

Game Designer Quest Designer Level Designer
Systems Designer Gaming Producer Interactive Designer
Product Designer/Developer iOS Game Engineer Screenwriter
Storyboard Artist Software Engineer Online Game Designer
Multiplayer Level Designer Front End Engineer Creative Designer
User Interface Designer

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If you are interested in learning more about the Academy’s game design school in Los Angeles, please feel free to call the Academy’s offices at +1 (818) 333-3558 or follow one of the links below to get additional information or download an application.

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