Teen Film Camps

In all New York Film Academy film camps, each student writes, shoots, directs and edits his or her own films. Our film camps are designed for people with little or no experience in making films. The programs focus on the fundamental elements of visual storytelling that enable the participants to direct their own projects.

During these high school film programs, each weekday is split between in-class instruction and on-set production, and the following subjects are taught to be of immediate and practical use in an integrated curriculum. In our longer film camps (three, four and six week), these subjects will be treated in greater detail and taken to a higher level than in the shorter programs. Each day, students apply the lessons learned directly to the films they are making. Students in longer programs make more films and, therefore, have more opportunities to develop their abilities and employ what they have learned.

Students will be introduced to the language and practice of filmmaking. They will discuss shooting plans for their film projects and screen their work with their instructor throughout the course. Directing is approached as the art of visual storytelling. Students will find that directing the camera concerns more than just where to place the camera. Through hands-on demonstrations, the students will learn how camera movement, visual arrangement, and editing patterns not only depict the action but also express the underlying drama. Each student directs a series of films in crews of four. Students also rotate in these crews among the principal film crew positions. Crews are required to meet each week with the directing instructor to review scripts and shooting plans.

Students will learn to take a story from initial idea, through treatment and step outline, to a finished script for their final film. Story structure, theme, character, tension, and conflict will be explored as they are used in filmmaking.

This is a no-nonsense camera class where students will learn to use the Arriflex 16-S or an HD video camera, depending on their choice of workshop*. They will learn proper loading, operation, and maintenance of the camera. In the first week students will shoot and screen tests for focus, exposure, lens perspective, film latitude, slow/fast motion, and contrast. Any students needing extra instruction are given review sessions as necessary.

* Students in the six-week program will learn to use both formats.

Students will learn to edit their films with digital editing software. The class will cover both the technical aspects of the editing process, as well as the conventions and theory behind editing choices and styles.


All programs and workshops are solely owned and operated by the New York Film Academy and are not affiliated with Universal Studios, Harvard University, or Walt Disney World® Resort.
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