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Producing School LA Overview

Review Of The Producing Program

How does one learn to be a television or film producer? As one of the best Los Angeles producing schools, NYFA’s film production program in Los Angeles strives to imbue its students with the creative and practical skills necessary to become a successful film producer.

At NYFA’s Los Angeles campus, aspiring producers receive an immersive and hands-on education that not only stresses the fundamentals of film and television production, but also allows students the opportunity to learn on set as they guide a film project from storyboard to distribution. After all, producers occupy a unique role when making a film. To become a film producer one must understand the role of every person working on a movie—whether it be lighting, sound, or acting. When enrolling in a workshop or program at the Academy’s producing school in Los Angeles, students are constantly working on their own original films and building the skills that will lead them to a successful career in film production.

Our producing school in Los Angeles, California allows students the opportunity to work in the heart of the film industry. Film production students supplement their education with constant exposure to the real demands of working in Hollywood. Through in-class instruction, faculty-supervised workshops, and on-set experience, students enrolled in the producing school learn to master both the business and creative sides to best learn how to be a successful television and movie producer. The Academy’s emphasis on practical skills has led to our reputation as one of the best film producing programs in Los Angeles.

Producing Courses LA

Upon enrolling in the Academy’s producing school in Los Angeles, students are able to take a diverse and comprehensive producing course load that includes some of, if not all, the following courses.

Producer’s Craft Introduction to Line Producing
Producer’s Roundtable Entertainment Law: Contracts, Intellectual Property, Negotiations, Drafting, and Ethics
Pitch Meetings
Industry Speaker Series Screenwriting Fundamentals
Directing for Producers Hands-on Producing: Reality Television
Film Craft Documentary and News Magazine Workshops
Editing for Producers Pre-Production of a Short Film
Short Film Production Television Producing & Developing the TV Pilot Treatment
Creative Producing Developing the Feature Film Treatment
Developing the Pitch Developing the Feature Film Business Plan & Television Show Bible
Industry Speaker Series Writing the Situational Comedy or Drama for Television
Industry Practices Producing Commercials, Web Series & Music Videos
Business Affairs Advanced Production Crafts
New Media Writing the Feature Screenplay
Script Collaboration Advanced Backlot Workshop
Advanced Pitching Finance, Marketing & Distribution Case Studies
EP Budgeting/Scheduling Branding & the Production Company Website
Cinema Studies The Post-Production Process

Producing Classes LA

Students can enroll in a producing class at the Academy’s LA producing school throughout the year. To see the different start dates and tuition information, please click here.

Producing Degrees LA

The Academy’s Los Angeles producing school offers a range of producing degree programs.

Producing Workshops LA

In addition to offering long-term programs, producing school students can also choose to enroll in one of the following short-term film production workshops to learn the fundamentals of film and television producing in an immersive, hands-on environment.

Producing Programs LA

For students aiming to spend a year studying producing at the Academy’s producing school in Los Angeles, we offer a one-year conservatory program that provides students with a solid foundation in producing and prepares them to enter the industry.

Producing Faculty LA

Part of what places the producing school at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles amongst the best producing colleges is the fact that it is host to a distinguished faculty of experienced and professional instructors who remain active as producers of film, television, and new media. Having worked on such noteworthy films and television shows as Ali, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and CSI: New York, the producing faculty in Los Angeles instruct students in both the creative and business sides of producing. Unlike the faculty at other producing schools, the Academy’s faculty is comprised of working professionals that remain active as producers. Their real-life insight is integral to helping students realize their dreams of becoming a film producer. Some of the prestigious faculty members who students study under include the following.
Roberta Colangelo Roberta Colangelo - Chair of Producing: Roberta Colangelo-Zawinul received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, Italy, and holds an ABA-approved Paralegal certification from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has taught at the New York Film Academy for the past four years for both the Producing and Documentary departments.

Colangelo-Zawinul was the founder and president of Focus Documentaries, a production, distribution, and legal services consulting company in Milan, Italy. From 2000 to 2005 she managed the worldwide exclusive catalog of the Vatican, and co-produced a documentary entitled The Vatican – How the Smallest Kingdom in the World Works, making her the first female producer to work with the Vatican.

She has extensive experience in contract administration, has liaised directly with business and legal affairs professionals, mediated contract negotiations, and represented clients’ projects at the most important industry markets.

NYFA Producing School LA chair Lydia Cedrone Lydia Cedrone: Lydia earned an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and a BA from Boston College. She is a former executive at The Walt Disney Co., Trimark Pictures, and Savoy Pictures, where she managed finances on more than two-dozen studio films. She oversaw company operations for filmmaker Michael Mann and for the film Ali, starring Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Voight. Her credits include the MGM release The Betrayed, starring Melissa George. She was the longtime Chair and current Interim Chair of the NYFA Producing Program in Los Angeles. She also serves as Head of NYFA MFA Feature Tracks. Lydia has developed extensive producing workshop curriculum and has travelled internationally to conduct producing workshops abroad.

NYFA Producing School Los Angeles faculty member Tony Schwartz Tony Schwartz: Having gained prolific experience over the course of twenty-five years serving as an assistant director and line producer for such films and television shows as Tank Girl, Ally McBeal, Freaks and Geeks, and Firefly, Schwartz has formed his own production company Kohler Schwartz Productions, which currently has several projects in development.

NYFA Producing School Los Angeles faculty member Denise Carlson Denise Carlson: Denise is a former Disney executive, overseeing more than 40 Disney Channel movies, including the megahit High School Musical. She earned her BFA from Rollins College and her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College.

Producing Alumni

After completing the Academy’s producing school in LA, our producing alumni have gone on to a number of prestigious producing positions around the world in film, television, and new media. Some of the films that our LA Producing alumni have worked on include the following.

Fury Poster

Monsters Ball Poster

Rock the Kasbah Poster

Precious Movie Poster

Saturday Night Live

Precious Movie Poster

Saturday Night Live

House Hunters International

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie poster
The Oranges movie poster Premium Rush movie poster Dirty Grandpa movie poster

Career Opportunities

One aspect that separates the Academy’s producing school in LA from other producing schools is that the curriculum is equally focused on preparing students to navigate the industry. Students receive hands-on instruction and experience in a variety of a production positions to best prepare graduates to realize their career goals, which may include the following positions or companies where past graduates have worked.

Feature Film Producer Line Producer Television Programming
Production Assistant Story Editor Associate Producer
Assistant Production Coordinator Assistant to the Director Production Office Coordinator
Production Coordinator Staff Producer Co-producer

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