2-Day Holiday Filmmaking & Acting
Camps for Teens

Hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m

Our 2-Day Holiday Camps are thoughtfully designed for locals or teens visiting Hollywood or the Big Apple on holiday or vacation, who are seeking an introduction to the essential principles of filmmaking and acting for the camera.

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2-Day Holiday Filmmaking Camps

With a focus on learning-by-doing, students explore camera, lighting, and post-production, and work collaboratively to shoot and edit a short scene. During this 2-day program, students will be tasked with directing, writing, lighting, framing, filming, and producing a film. These essential skills will empower students to more easily explore their passion for filmmaking going forward.

2-Day Holiday Acting for Film Camps

Students are introduced to the basics of acting for film, scene study, and audition technique, while rehearsing and filming a scene against the backdrop of the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles or Battery Park in Manhattan. The immersive and active nature of our camp means that even in this short time, campers will develop new skills and come away with original work they can be proud of.