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The New York Film Academy’s programs are designed for a new generation of storytellers: artists who share a passion for visual and performing arts across a wide array of media and want to learn by making their own projects in a hands-on, intensive program.

Our students come from across the United States and all over the world to learn and work together in Fine Arts Degree programs, Conservatory One and Two-Year programs and short-term workshops*. In the creation of our curricula, we worked with faculty and professionals from around the world to develop the most effective curricula available to students. We designed intensive and accelerated alternatives to traditional visual and performing arts programs that provide a thorough grounding in a student’s chosen craft through project-based learning.

Our programs balance the study of the craft with practical experience to train students to be the best filmmakers and visual artists and performers they can be. This is achieved by a rigorous schedule of classroom instruction, hands-on workshops, and immediate practical experience.

Our Philosophy

Learning to be a filmmaker or a visual storyteller is not done "by the numbers." It is done by immersion in the process and by knowing the "whys" that teach the "hows." It is done by hands-on experience, trial and error, feedback and correction, and questions and answers. Filmmaking and visual storytelling of all types—be it video game design, 3D animation, photography, musical theatre, or broadcast journalism—demands the integration of many kinds of knowledge. It is the integration of knowledge that distinguishes the New York Film Academy. For example, in our filmmaking courses, students learn not only how to operate a camera, light a scene, or edit film, but they also learn how all the aspects of filmmaking relate to, interact with, and depend upon each other.

We believe top quality education in visual and performing arts should be accessible to anyone with the necessary drive and ambition. The student provides the talent; we provide great instruction, equipment, and structured curriculum. Given the opportunity, it is the students' drive and creative ability that carries them forward.

Programs Offered

The New York Film Academy is more than a film school, rather, it is a conservatory of visual and performing arts offering numerous programs that are designed to educate students in a wide variety of disciplines related to visual storytelling. It has become a creative proving ground for students around the world interested in learning the craft of photography, video game design, musical theatre, 3D animation, and broadcast journalism. We attract inspiring, experienced, professional faculty from the media and entertainment industry to guide our students through learning the foundation knowledge and skills of these disciplines.

Students with an interest in becoming film directors can choose to develop their craft in our most comprehensive filmmaking programs, where they learn all of the creative and technical aspects of creating a film while writing, shooting, directing, editing, and producing their own original films. However, if a student wishes to concentrate on one specialty in particular and hone their skills through intensive practice and exercises, they might want to consider enrolling in our Producing for Film & TV, Cinematography, Screenwriting, or Acting for Film programs. And for students who are interested in bringing real life stories to film, our Documentary Filmmaking program focuses students’ studies on learning the language of the genre while creating their own original documentary films.

No discipline is studied in isolation at the New York Film Academy. Our filmmaking students regularly cast students from our acting school to perform in their original films while students enrolled in our photography school are taught how to shoot motion pictures as the fields of still photography and cinematography increasingly cross over. And as the world of entertainment becomes increasingly inter-disciplinary, so has our curriculum, allowing students many opportunities to learn myriad skills that are might be overlooked in a traditional academic department. Our multiple programs are consistently being refined and improved based both on student feedback and the ever-developing requirements and demands of a particular field to ensure that students receive the best possible and most relevant hands-on education to prepare them for success in their chosen area of study.

At the New York Film Academy, students can enroll in the following programs to receive intensive, hands-on education that will provide them with practical skills and know-how while also advancing their understanding of visual storytelling.

  • Film School: Students enrolled in a filmmaking program or workshop will get experience in all aspects of filmmaking and understand the many roles required in filmmaking by working as a director, writer, producer, cinematographer and editor; as well as fill key crew roles like gaffer, assistant camera operator, and sound-recordist on their fellow students’ original films.
  • Acting School: By taking part in one of our acting for film programs and workshops, actors with little or no experience learn how to make the transition from stage acting to film and TV acting by performing in front of the camera in both class exercises and other students’ films.
  • Photography School: With photography becoming more accessible and popular than ever before, our Photography School aims to help students develop their own unique aesthetic voice while learning the necessary technical skills.
  • Producing School: For students who have an interest in both the creative and financial sides of the entertainment field, students enrolling in a producing program or workshop can expect to learn both the aesthetic and business skills needed to be a great producer.
  • 3D Animation School: As 3D animation has grown in popularity and demand in terms of both animated films and visual effects in live-action movies, our 3D animation programs and workshops immerse students in the creative and technical challenges of the subject through mastery of the industry-standard program Maya, amongst other leading animation and visual effects software.
  • Cinematography School: For students interested in the art of communicating through images, our cinematography program focuses on providing students with the experience of working and shooting with a wide array of formats and cameras and the many practical challenges they will encounter on set.
  • Music Video: Many established cinematic voices, such as Spike Jonze and David Fincher, have used the medium of music video as a launching pad for successful film careers. Our Music Video workshops immerse students in the fundamentals of filmmaking while giving them ample experience in conceptualizing and directing music videos.
  • Game Design School: Offered at New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus, aspiring video game designers learn the many facets of modern game design and how to create the many different types of high-quality games that will attract real players.
  • Documentary Filmmaking: With documentary films becoming more mainstream and abundant both in cinemas and on TV channels, students with a passion for documentary filmmaking learn the craft and artistry of creating singular pieces of non-fictional films while working with our world class faculty of professional documentarians.
  • Broadcast Journalism School: As journalism continues to evolve in the 21st century, students enrolling in a short workshop or one-year program study the changing role of investigative journalists and digital reporters and learn how to research, write, shoot, produce, edit, and appear on camera in the creation of original reports and segments.
  • Musical Theatre School: Seasoned professional Broadway faculty teach aspiring performers in our musical theatre workshops and conservatory programs. In addition to developing their singing and dancing skills, students learn how to interpret scripts and hone the performance techniques that best prepare them for achieving their goals in musical theatre.
  • Dance School: Our Dance School provides students with a hands-on education in a wide variety of styles, from ballet to jazz to hip hop and much more.
  • Screenwriting School: For students looking to learn the skills and practices needed to develop an idea into an actual shooting script, our screenwriting workshops and programs cover the wide array of mediums screenwriters operate in—including film, TV, and new media—and provide students with first-hand instruction and experience in writing an original screenplay.
  • Digital Editing School: Editing is an art form unto itself and our digital editing workshops are focused on advancing students’ abilities as film editors to learn and discover new ways to edit film while becoming experienced in the many skills required to work with digital editing software.
  • Online Screenwriting School: If a student is not able to physically enroll in our eight-week screenwriting workshop, they have the opportunity to study online and receive professional instruction and feedback from an award winning screenwriter while learning to write their own original screenplays of 90-120 pages at home on their own time schedule.

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* All MFA, BFA, BA, MA, and AFA degree programs are offered only at the New York Film Academy Los Angeles campus.