Animation Camps

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Whether it be creating an original 3D animated character, a short animated film, or learning how to create the digital explosions and effects that can be seen throughout today’s TV shows and movies, the 3D Animation Camps at the New York Film Academy provide kids and teens with the education and equipment necessary to bring their imaginations to life.

With 3D animation not only dominating the world of animated television shows and movies, but also in demand in the realms of visual effects, computer generated imagery, and game design—to name just a few areas open to the 3D animator—possessing the skills and knowledge to control the realm of 3D animation is a skill that has never been more applicable or in demand. Simply put, by learning the essentials of 3D animation, students at NYFA’s 3D Animation Camps possess the know-how to build and create wholly new worlds of their own.

Aspiring 3D animators have the option to either enroll in our Kids (ages 10-13) or Teen (ages 14-17) 3D Animation Camps. In either one, students study under our faculty of professional 3D animators and visual effects specialists and work with state-of-the-art software and equipment to learn how to create original 3D characters and environments. Follow the below links to learn more about our 3D Animation Camps.