NYFA Awards 2015 Citywide High School Scholarships

Senior Executive Vice President David Klein with student

Senior Executive Vice President David Klein awards a student a scholarship to NYFA’s Summer Camps.


As part of the New York Film Academy’s annual Citywide High School Scholarships, the Film Academy has awarded five scholarships to aspiring filmmakers and actors to attend our renowned summer camps.

The scholarships are available to students who demonstrate financial need, a sincere love for the visual and performing arts, and are in exceptional academic standing. Our summer camps are extremely hands-on and intensive and thus students who are looking to push themselves to fully develop the
ir creative skills are ideal candidates.

Each student that applied for our Summer Camp Scholarships was required to include an essay that detailed his or her opinions on the transformative power of visual storytelling and its ability to instigate positive social change in one’s community. In addition to the essay, the applicants were asked to provide their thoughts on some of their favorite films, filmmakers, and actors.

After reviewing the large number of submissions from a fantastic slate of candidates, NYFA is thrilled to welcome the following students to our summer camps this year:

  • Jaeden Granger
  • Tamia Ejekpokpo
  • Priscilla Gomes
  • Dwight Young
  • Yarelys Encarnacion
David Klein with this year's scholarship winners

Senior Executive Vice President David Klein (far right) with this year’s scholarship winners.

NYFA would like to extend a heartfelt congratulation to these phenomenal students and welcome them to their upcoming summer camp experiences.

To learn more about our summer camp programs, please click here to learn more. Students have the option to enroll in a summer camp in wide variety of topics that include filmmaking, acting, music video, photography, musical theatre, 3D animation, video game design, or broadcast journalism at locations throughout the world.