NYFA High School Students Receive Guest Talk from Disney Star Sierra McCormick

Actress Sierra McCormick

Students at our Los Angeles summer camp were pleased to find themselves in the audience for a guest appearance from Disney star, Sierra McCormick, where they were treated to a screening of her popular Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm.

Having caught the “acting bug” when she was around 8 years of age after taking an acting class at her school, she was encouraged by her acting teacher to pursue a career, landing her first role on TV in the show ‘Til Death. Now 15 years old, McCormick has a far more varied acting resume, having appeared in both film and TV in a number of different genres.

McCormick has seemed to find something of a home at Disney, first earning a small role in Hannah Montana before landing the role of the highly intelligent Olive on A.N.T. “Working within the Disney family has been great!” said Sierra. “They treat you very well and really accommodate you.”

One high school student, Lulu, asked the Disney star to name her favorite film genre to which Sierra answered, “Cerebral movies: including comedies, dramas, horror, and foreign films.” She also stated that she was particularly drawn to challenging and empathetic roles and strong female characters.

In discussing the art of auditioning, Sierra relayed her own strategies, saying that for her it’s crucial to memorize the lines beforehand so that she is fully focused on the audition. In order to calm herself when auditioning, she takes a very Zen mindset, saying “I have nothing to lose.”

Regarding the tension between her career and her education, Sierra said, “It’s my main goal to go to a good college.” She cited Natalie Portman and Claire Danes as other “cool actresses” that have successfully pursued their careers and education.

When discussing her time off camera, Sierra said that her time is spent “doing regular thing” and surrounding herself with “grounded people.” Upon finishing up the session, Sierra left the audience with these parting words: “Don’t let yourself slip away. Hold onto yourself and your beliefs.”