Game Design Camps

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Game designers are the boundary-pushing storytellers of our time. Possessing a wide array of skills and talents—ranging from the technical to the purely creative—a game designer is someone who knows how to synthesize gameplay and narrative to create an engaging and challenging experience for the player.

At New York Film Academy, we offer several Game Design Camps designed for both teenagers ages 14-17 and kids ages 10-13. Held at NYFA’s Los Angeles and New York City campuses, students work with our faculty of professional game designers to explore and learn the principles of game design through hands-on learning exercises and instructor-supervised workshops.

Working with state-of-the-art equipment, students in our Teen and Kids Game Design Camps get the opportunity to surround themselves with fellow students and instructors who all share a deep passion for video games in order to learn how to design an original game.

To read more about each of our Kids and Teen Game Design Camps, click on the following links and see what you can accomplish in only one to four weeks!